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How to protect your data on Facebook

The Facebook leak has millions of social media users asking: How can we protect our data? Find out now.

How to get the most out of an email marketing campaign

Email is undoubtedly a great communication tool to build customer relationships in an affordable yet effective way. While it’s no secret that we all know how to send an email, the greatest challenge for businesses is getting meaningful responses from customers without spamming them. Check out some tips to write an effective marketing campaign from NCM!

How to integrate technology into your events

By Angela Gibian, Marketing & Event Manager The tech trend is expanding all around us. Every day there is a new platform, app or tool launched, it can sometimes be hard to keep up. The event world is no different. Most consumers are now acclimated to quick, clean, easy and responsive technology in their every day life and the expectation is set for that to carry over into their experience at events. Streamlining events by integrating new and different types...

Through the eyes of a newbie: My first week at North Coast Media

By Angela Gibian, Marketing & Event Manager   What if no one talks to me? What if I am in over my head? What if I am late? Starting a new job is always stressful, but my first week at North Coast Media (NCM) was an exciting whirlwind of learning, fun and flip-flops. Here is a breakdown of my first few days as the “newbie” at NCM. Monday: Meet & Greets During the interview process, I already felt pretty comfortable...

The best location in the nation

By: Bridget Ebner, Content Marketing Intern From June 24 to July 2, 2017, Engage! Cleveland hosted the fourth annual Cleveland Young Professionals Week presented by KeyBank, the largest event in its industry hosted by a nonprofit organization. Over a span of nine days, there were more than 2,000 young professionals in attendance. During the week, Engage! Cleveland hosted 33 events for young professionals in the Cleveland area to attend. Cleveland’s young professionals were given the opportunity to network with their peers...

How to prepare for your new job

By: Bridget Ebner, Content Marketing Intern Starting a new job can be scary, whether it’s your first job or your tenth. It’s completely normal to be nervous; you are entering a company that is new to you. Although it can be overwhelming, starting a new job invites more opportunities, expands your professional network and provides you further knowledge in your field. To help ease your nerves and focus on what’s most important, follow these tips for a successful transition to...



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