How to integrate technology into your events

By Angela Gibian, Marketing & Event Manager

The tech trend is expanding all around us. Every day there is a new platform, app or tool launched, it can sometimes be hard to keep up. The event world is no different. Most consumers are now acclimated to quick, clean, easy and responsive technology in their every day life and the expectation is set for that to carry over into their experience at events.

Streamlining events by integrating new and different types of technology is a great way to keep attendees informed, excited and engaged. Below are just a few of the many different types of technology that are on the rise in the event scene and some of their various applications.

Event registration platforms are a great way to incorporate technology into your event even before you get onsite. There are several popular platforms that allow you to build custom websites where you can email, register, track and profile event attendees. Many of these platforms also allow for simplified check-in processes, attendee mobile apps and important post-event reporting/analytics.

Event mobile apps are considered very mainstream in today’s event world. Many registration and event management platforms transfer over to mobile. In addition there are great independent applications to engage, inform and communicate with your event attendees. Text reminders, maps, itineraries, sponsor advertising/profiling, social media posts and more can be at the tip of any event-goers fingers.

Tablets/iPads are a great way to showcase material and capture user information during events. These portable devices allow you to maiPadintain and organize real-time data while on-site. They also gives your event a sleek and modern look, rather than having paper and pens for staff and guests to use. Going digital can also save money on print costs and allow for unlimited registration or subscriptions. In addition, iPads or Tablets can be great to feature your product or product website. Staff and guests can use onsite devices to peruse your website, view your products or read targeted content.

Social media is a huge way to impact your audience before during and after an event. Whether you are attending a large trade show or hosting a roundtable, sharing these opportunities and experiences with your audience using social media platforms is increasingly important. Creating an event hashtag, posting photos, live streaming or creating social giveaways or contests can keep your company in the social stream of consciousness.

Video and live streaming is now more popular than ever. With the advent of Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram Live, YouTube Live and other streaming tools, event activities can be promoted to audiences outside of the on-site attendees to a broader group, creating a buzz and allowing people could not be there an opportunity to get in on the action. Other ways to leverage video at events include using drones or Go-Pros to show unique, exciting perspectives on experiences, giving the viewer a first person view of what’s happening. Outside of live applications, filming attendee testimonials or interviews are another great way to engage your guests and also provide use post-event as a way to continue the connection with your audience, educate others and encourage attendance next year.

However you decide to integrate technology, it is a sure way to enrich your event. With the variety of options available it will not only benefit your guests, but also you and your business.

Angela holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism & Promotional Communications from Cleveland State University. Angela has more than 10 years of experience planning and managing events, ranging from product launches to non-profit galas. Prior to joining North Coast Media, she was in charge of fundraising events for the American Red Cross Northeast Ohio, where she remains a volunteer. Her diverse background, along with her knowledge of marketing and public relations, helps her to execute impactful and results-driven events on behalf of NCM’s publications and clients.