How to prepare for your new job

By: Bridget Ebner, Content Marketing Intern

Starting a new job can be scary, whether it’s your first job or your tenth. It’s completely normal to be nervous; you are entering a company that is new to you. Although it can be overwhelming, starting a new job invites more opportunities, expands your professional network and provides you further knowledge in your field. To help ease your nerves and focus on what’s most important, follow these tips for a successful transition to your new job.

1. Be on time.
It doesn’t matter how big your company is or how far from home your office is, it is crucial to always be on time. Being on time shows your coworkers and boss that you are a dependable worker. Being on time also indicates that you have respect for your coworkers and that you are ready to work. Your time management skills demonstrate that you take the job seriously, which provides assurance to your company that you will complete your work in an efficient and successful manner.

2. Dress to impress.
The saying, “You never get a second chance at a first impression” could not be more accurate. On your first day, plan to look polished and professional. This shows your coworkers and boss that you know how to appropriately act in a workplace environment. Don’t just give up dressing professionally once you get comfortable with your coworkers and workplace, because you never know whom you will meet outside of your company. You don’t have to dress like you are going to the Grammys, just be modest and comfortable.

3. Ask questions.
That question you might think is stupid and you are too embarrassed to ask could have an important answer you need to know. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, because you are there to learn. You want to learn the ins and outs of your job, and continue to learn and better yourself throughout your career. It is also necessary that you are doing your job right, so instead of hesitating to ask for help, remind yourself that you must do your work correctly.

4. Get to know your coworkers.
Since you’ll be seeing them five days out of the week, it’s a good idea to get to know them personally. Discuss your interests and hobbies with your coworkers, because you may have the same interests. Forming bonds with your coworkers creates a positive and healthy environment, and will help you to have a more enjoyable day. Always remember to be polite and friendly to your coworkers, and offer a helping hand. See a coworker struggling with a software program on their computer? Take five minutes out of your lunch break to help them out. Keep in mind that you do have your own work to do, but helping your coworkers will improve your whole company.

5. Focus on your work.
Although mingling and enjoying your coworkers’ presence is a positive thing within a workplace, recall why you are at your job in the first place. You are there to work, as is everyone around you. Make sure to meet all your deadlines, because if you don’t you’ll appear to be unprofessional and will be hindering your company and its clients. When completing a task, put your best effort in. The more time and effort you put into your work, the better the outcome will be.

Take full advantage of your new job by learning as much as you can. Your new job will continue to provide you with more learning experiences and chances at bettering your career. It’s good to be nervous, because it shows you care about your position, but keep in mind that you don’t want to be too overwhelmed. Remind yourself why you are at your job, and put the best effort you can into your work.