Senior Web Developer


Web Developer works directly on the production and day-to-day maintenance of the brands’ websites and corporate website within established editorial, design, and technical guidelines. Web Developer must work autonomously to ensure that all websites are optimized for peak performance and function well under all conditions. Web Developer is fluent in modern coding practices, abreast to current web design trends, researches and recommends features, functions, and solutions to help engage audience and generate maximum site traffic. Web Developer must have strong problem-solving skills in order to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Web Developer is familiar with WordPress and Docker development environments and is comfortable modifying existing or creating brand new WordPress themes.


Responsible for the development of websites by creating, updating, modifying and correcting graphical design elements, including and not limited to navigation / information architecture, images, and page layout.

Coordinate with digital editors and data analysts to drive website improvements and develop new products or capabilities for the websites.

Optimize functionality of website pages, including page speed and responsiveness to deliver content quickly and scaled appropriately for all devices.

Test functionality of websites in various browsers for quality assurance.

Place, remove and troubleshoot ad tags and ensure they’re implemented on websites correctly with ad server support.

Stay current in new technology developments concerning the web and research new digital opportunities.

Use plugins or program new SEO features that ensure sites are titled, categorized and tagged to maximize website ranking.

Ensure all website technologies are optimized for peak website performance, clear caches, minify CSS and JS and conduct routine updates to plugins, WordPress, etc. to maintain performance.

Write clean, modern, optimized code that follows best practices within W3C, PHP and WordPress standards.

Train and coach brand staff in technology tools and product demonstrations and communicate website conditions and changes to all brand staffs.

Establish online best practices and procedures for anyone posting content to the websites.

Analyze API documentation and implementation of outside platforms.

Monitor site health and manage sites within a cloud infrastructure and strive for a minimum of downtime through proper container maintenance.

Manage code repositories using Bitbucket and testing of sites through Docker.

Manage code deployments to the Docker Kubernetes clusters.

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