Friday Favorites: Golfdom

Best of 2015, as picked by the editors


The issue: Golfdom, September 2015

Selected by: Editor-in-chief Seth Jones

Golfdom Sept. 2015

This is a tough choice for me as well, there were a few issues that stood out to me…

If I had to pick one issue though, the September issue my favorite of the year, partly for what it is, and partly for how it came about.

First, how the cover story, “Friends in High Places,” came about: I needed new golf clubs.

Seriously. I needed new sticks, and I asked my golf pro where he suggested I go to get them. He suggested Wolf Creek, about 45 minutes from my front door. Sounded good to me. Then he asked if I’d like to meet the superintendent there. Sure, sounds great. Then he mentions that they just did an interesting little project there… it might make for a good story. Yeah, OK, it might. Then he mentioned, after an hour of me hitting golf balls — maybe if I had time, I could also meet Tom Watson while I was there… I told him, “Jeff, if Tom Watson is ever available to meet, at whatever time, I’ll be there.”

sethfridayfavoritesThe next day I was having lunch with the World Golf Hall of Famer.

The story was a fun one, too. It has maybe the best ending of any story I wrote this year. And everyone loves a happy ending, right?

Other fun things about the issue: I was able to give a shout-out to Jeff the golf pro in my column that month, as well as run a photo of him with my son… and I took the cover photo myself, and was happy with the quality of the image, especially for an amateur photographer like me.

It’s not everyday you find a good story like that right in your own back yard. And it’s certainly not every day that I get to have lunch with a legend of the game, either.

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