Scary movies for the Halloween season

By Will Nepper | PMP magazine, Senior Editor

I always try to cram as many horror movies in during the month of October as possible, so I’m here to help you do the same by providing you with reviews of some of the best I’ve recently seen.

Goodnight, Mommy [R] (in limited theatrical release) – Part horror, part Hitchcockian thriller, all chills. Nine-year-old twin boys are unsettled when their mother returns home from reconstructive surgery wrapped in face-obscuring bandages. She doesn’t seem herself and she stops acknowledging one of her sons. What’s going on? What happened to Mom? Is she even Mom at all?! Don’t expect me to tell you. There are lots of unexpected twists to this tense Austrian slow-burner. Those who can’t deal with subtitles, however, need not bother go.

Late Phases [R] (available on VOD and Netflix) – When was the last time you saw a good werewolf movie? It’s probably been awhile. In that way, ‘Late Phases’ saves the day. The premise is simple: a blind ‘Nam vet suspects that the animal attacks in the retirement community he’s just moved to are more than they seem. Give it up for any movie whose hero is a blind vet. Cool movie, great effects, solid performances and a satisfying ending.

It Follows [R] (available on DVD, BluRay & VOD) – Maybe you’ve heard the well-deserved buzz about this one. In it, a teen girl is pursued by a relentless entity that’s always moving slowly toward her with malicious intent — and ‘it’ can take on the appearance of anyone. The less you know about it going in, the more you’ll enjoy it. For my money, ‘It Follows’ was the best American horror movie of 2014.