PMP Hall of Famer featured in The New Yorker

bobby_corrigan_pmp_cover_082010‘Ratology’ may not be the field of study for everybody, but it’s one that Robert “Bobby” Corrigan, Ph.D., a 2008 Pest Management Professional Hall of Fame inductee, has dedicated his career to—and now he’s got a feature in a major magazine to prove it.

The New Yorker featured Corrigan in its Department of Experts column in the Nov. 23, 2015, issue and specifically mentioned the Pest Management Professional (PMP) Hall of Fame, which was founded in 1997 to honor industry trailblazers. The New Yorker, a national weekly magazine published by Condé Nast, has 4.7 million subscribers.

Corrigan, who has his doctorate in rodentology from Purdue University, was featured on the cover of PMP magazine in August 2010. He is well known in the pest management field as an educator and expert on vertebrate pests. His work has taken him across the globe, as he told The New Yorker reporter Doreen St. Félix.

“I was in Galway recently,” he said. “It’s Europe, so those sewers are ancient. Perfect for rats. And then Philadelphia called. They wanted to make sure there weren’t any friends running around during the Pope’s visit.”

St. Félix described Corrigan as the “Rat Czar” and detailed how the scholarly looking man with the rimless glasses sells out his classes months in advance.

“After lunch, Corrigan gave a PowerPoint presentation in a dim room on the second floor of the D.O.H. His lecture style is part professor, part Terminator.”

The profile of Corrigan focused on his three-day course in rat management at the Department of Health in New York City. In addition to this course, Corrigan recently spoke at the 79th Annual Purdue Pest Management Conference covered in PMP magazine.

Read the original article:  ‘Ratology’ from The New Yorker, Nov. 23, 2015