Performance reviews: How to showcase your talents

By Diane Sofranec, Managing Editor


Nearly every company requires employees to participate in the performance review process. But how can you get the most out of an on-the-job assessment with your boss?

Before your performance review meeting, take time to think about the outstanding work you’ve done over the past year. Pay particular attention to the successes your boss may not have noticed.

In part one of my performance review blog post, I explained how to ensure you get the most out of your performance review. This time, I’ll explore how you can show you’re an asset to your company.

Here are 4 steps to ensure your performance review will help your career:

1. Keep track of your accomplishments.

Now is the time to show how you are an asset to your company. Tell your boss how you helped your company save money, successfully completed a project before deadline and under budget, or established a valuable contact. Prove your value by documenting examples of the good job you consistently do. If you don’t do so already, keep track of the amazing work you do throughout the year so you won’t forget accomplishments worth mentioning.

2. Show off your stellar attitude.

Let your boss know you are eager to learn. Take on new challenges and responsibility. Volunteer for the work your colleagues shirk. Learn new skills that will take your job performance to the next level. Show your boss you are a reliable, hard working professional who can successfully complete a variety of tasks, no matter how large or small.

3. Disclose positive feedback.

Make sure your boss knows you received compliments from clients and coworkers throughout the year. If you have them in writing, present copies to your boss during your performance review. Clarify the comments with a brief explanation of what you did to earn the accolades.

4. Ask what you can do now to advance your career in the future.

If you love the company you work for, let your boss know you want to stick around and move up the corporate ladder. Convey your excitement about your future with your company by suggesting new projects or offering helpful ideas. Demonstrate your willingness to go above and beyond what’s expected of you.

Before your performance review meeting, think about the positive contributions you make to your company, and then share them with you boss. It may be one of the best career moves you make.


Diane Sofranec has more than 25 years of B2B media experience. She joined North Coast Media in 2013 as a digital content producer and is now managing editor of the company’s Pest Management Professional magazine.