NCM Brands, Golfdom And Landscape Management Win 23 Industry Awards

CLEVELAND, Ohio — May 16, 2022 — North Coast Media (NCM) is proud to announce that Landscape Management (LM) and Golfdom took home 23 awards as part of the 2022 TOCA Communications Awards Contest, a long-standing event of the Turf & Ornamental Communicators Association (TOCA).  TOCA annually recognizes members for outstanding writing, design, photography, videography and interactive efforts in the green industry.

“The Golfdom and LM teams have gone above and beyond and we are incredibly proud of what’s been accomplished,” said CEO Kevin Stoltman. “These awards honor our team’s talent, hard work and dedication.”

Golfdom won 13 awards at this year’s event, including a Gardner (Best-In-Show) for Best Single Photo.  LM earned 10 awards including a Gardner (Best-In-Show) award for a Business Management Article.  Both brands led all publishing companies that competed for TOCA awards in the golf and landscape markets.

“Taking home two best-in-show awards is truly a testament to the exemplary work done by the LM and Golfdom teams,” said Editor-in-Chief, Seth Jones. “Our publications are products of great people, dedicated to their craft, always striving to meet the needs of our readers and advertisers.”

NCM staff recognized for their work include Pete Seltzer, VP of Graphic Design & Production; Seth Jones, Editor-in-Chief; Craig MacGregor, Publisher; Christina Herrick, Editor; Joey Ciccolini, Digital Media Content Producer; Tracie Martinez, Art Director; and many contributors.

The complete list of winnings for the publications include:

 Gardner (Best-in-Show) Award

Best single photo – 21 at last, Pete Seltzer

Golfdom First Place

Best print magazine cover – 21 at last, Pete Seltzer

Best single photo – 21 at last, Pete Seltzer

Portrait/personality photo – Minny Makeover, Jamey Guy, Pete Seltzer

Turf feature article – Grass is Greener, Christina Herrick

Product information article – Viva Las Vegas, Seth Jones, Christina Herrick, Abby Hart

Special projects – Superintendent Bingo, Seth Jones, Pete Seltzer, Craig MacGregor

Golfdom Merit

Best print magazine cover – Behind the beauty, October 2021, Pete Seltzer

Two-plus page design – How quickly things can change, Pete Seltzer

General feature article – Hooked, Matt Neff

Series of columns by regular columnist – Keeping up with the Jones, Seth Jones

Best instructional video – USGA’s Brian Whitlark on the growth of soil moisture meters in golf, Seth Jones, Joey Ciccolini

Best long video – Learn how Field of Dreams team prepared the turf for MLB debut, Seth Jones, Joey Ciccolini

LM Gardner (Best-in-Show) Award

Business management article – Twice the work, half the workers, Christina Herrick

LM First Place

Series of columns by regular columnist – Grow with Grunder, Marty Grunder

Column writing – Graduation day, Seth Jones

Writing for special projects – 2021 LM150 Special Report, Seth Jones, Christina Herrick, Sarah Webb

Business management article – Twice the work, half the workers, Christina Herrick

Best instructional video – New model from John Deere celebrates 25 years of ZTrak mowers, Seth Jones, Joey Ciccolini

LM Merit

Best print magazine cover – Get connected, May 2021, Tracie Martinez

Series, two or more articles as a series – Women in Landscaping, Christina Herrick, Sarah Webb

Headline writing – A brew-tiful place, Christina Herrick

Best short video – 4 keys to grow your business in 2022, Marty Grunder, Joey Ciccolini

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