Landscape Management editor delivers keynote at The Lighting Summit

dillonAs associate editor of Landscape Management, Dillon Stewart focuses on producing and editing print and digital content, and is always prepared to share his skills in the field. In January, Stewart was a keynote speaker at the 4th annual Lighting Summit in Omaha, Neb.

The Light Summit hosted 21 landscape lighting professionals, and Stewart shared his expertise about how landscape lighting and design/build and installation companies can interact with trade and local media outlets more effectively.

Stewart’s goal of his presentation was to demystify the editorial process and put a human face to the magazine.

“We’re constantly looking for story ideas and feedback from our readers,” Stewart says. “Our magazine is designed to be a reflection of the ideas, trends and best practices in our industry. There is no one as aware of and knowledgeable about those things as the landscape professionals that are on the ground every day.”

Stewart also detailed how important it is for companies to build a certain image.

“We’re at a point where companies need to build a public persona, whether that’s through established media or social media, to stay relevant. The entire event focused on marketing tactics, website design and, of course, media engagement rather than how to install the latest and greatest products,” Stewart says.

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