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The evolution of the Android

By Dean Stanbridge Throughout the years, I’ve spent a lot of time writing about the operating systems (OS) of the Blackberry and iPhone, but I’ve written little about the largest operating system for smartphones: Android. That’s because I was schooled on the other two operating systems and might be biased. Recently, though, I revisited Android technology to see how far it has come before I passed judgment. Androids, also known as Droids, have skyrocketed in popularity over Blackberry and iPhone....


NCM digital ad unit standards

NCM’s websites are flexible and nimble, offering advertisers numerous options. From the more traditional banner, leaderboard, skyscraper and box ad to the high-impact interstitial ad or wallpaper, there are several options available to promote your company or product. Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet of our company-wide digital ad unit standards.


PQ 2014/2015 State of the Industry

By Darren Constantino Large industry mergers lead the news as the aggregate industry’s outlook continues to climb. The North American aggregates industry is in good shape based on recent aggregate production trends and predictions of near-term construction growth. And the nation’s two largest aggregate producers – Martin Marietta and Vulcan Materials – are also reporting positive news. The past year kicked off with a successful ConExpo-Con/Agg trade show and Martin Marietta’s purchase of Texas Industries. The year also saw changes...

Why your website must be mobile-friendly

By Bethany Chambers Google’s changing the way people find your business — here’s what it means for your landscape or lawn care company and how to test your site for mobile-friendliness. Customers find businesses online in a variety of ways: Typing a domain directly into the URL bar after seeing it in an ad or on a truck or clicking through from social media links. But when it comes to your online existence, nothing compares to Google Search. With 83...

Driving while inTEXTicated

By Will Nepper Distracted driving has been problematic since the dawn of the automobile. Eating, reading maps and morning grooming while driving, all contributed to a fair share of terrible collisions — long before The Mobile Age. It doesn’t take long for advances in technology to create second-nature behavior in us, but has society at large ever adopted a tech-spurred habit as quickly as texting? Many pest management professionals (PMPs) who drive from service call to service call rely on...


GNSS State of the Industry Report

The 2014 State of the GNSS Industry Report reveals the results of our annual survey of GNSS professionals, covering the state of their business, the economic climate for GNSS products and services, driving market factors, the government’s role in funding and regulating, budgets devoted to R&D, the effects of jamming, and the “Issue of the Year.” Click here to download the 2014 State of the Industry Survey, sponsored by NovAtel, Trimble, and u-blox.



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