How to create compelling Facebook posts

By Diane Sofranec, Managing Editor


Launching a Facebook page is easy. Finding great information to post takes some effort.

Facebook_600x399But if Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is correct when he said consumers in the United States spend an average of 40 minutes on Facebook each day, it’s well worth your time to create compelling content.

You want your customers and your potential customers to check out your Facebook page on a regular basis. Posting new content regularly will keep them coming back.

Consider sharing information your customers will find helpful or humorous, and remember to be yourself when you write your posts. Here are a few ideas on how to fill your Facebook page with interesting and engaging content.

  • Post content that showcases your company. Consider showing the evolution of your company logo through the years, taking a picture of your staff in action, or showing off your fleet of vehicles. Remember, anyone who shares a post with your company’s name or logo is helping you publicize your services.
  • Snap a selfie with your satisfied customer when you’re still on the jobsite, and post it on your Facebook page right away. This is a great way to spread the word that your customers love what you do for them. Ask nicely and chances are your customer not only will be happy to help but will share the post with their friends and family.
  • Post discounts and promotions that will retain current customers and attract new ones. Be sure to include a call to action (call us today at 800-555-1234) to make it easy for them to take advantage of your offer.
  • Celebrate the charitable work you and your employees do for your community. Take photos or video, and post them with a link to the organization you’re helping. It’s a great way to show you care and it spreads the word about charities that need a hand.
  • Share links to articles you think customers and potential customers would find of interest. If you own a pest management firm, for instance, perhaps the local news station reported on an outbreak of bed bugs or maybe a video of a pizza-loving rat has gone viral. Add stories like these to your Facebook page to boost likes and shares.
  • Include pictures and video with your text. You’re competing with hundreds of other posts, so you want to grab your customer’s attention. Use your smartphone to snap a photo or shoot video; the quality usually is fine for Facebook.
  • Encourage engagement by asking customers to post a photo. Request a snapshot of a squirrel or hornets nest, if you own a pest management firm for example. Or if the weather is bad, post your own photo and the ask them to show you what the weather is like where they live.
  • Show your Facebook followers what your company is up to. After all, the majority of people who post on Facebook write about themselves, so why should your company be different? Did you recently relocate or hire someone new? Are you just about to start your busy season? Are you restocking your truck or storage shelves? Snap a photo and share the news.

Every time you create a post on Facebook, you’re helping your business. Write posts with your loyal customers or potential customers in mind and you should begin to attract new followers.


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