Friday Favorites: LP Gas

Best of 2015, as picked by the editors

The issue: LP Gas, August 2015

Selected by: Editor-in-Chief Brian Richesson

Looking back on the past year and thinking about the work we did at LP Gas magazine, I’d have to pick August as my favorite issue.LPG August Cover

And that’s not just because we featured my waist on the cover, with a handgun holstered to my belt. It’s because we took a controversial topic suggested by a reader and turned it into a successful cover story. For that, I credit Megan Wilkinson, our associate editor, who surveyed our readers, conducted interviews and assembled a comprehensive package on whether retail propane operations have concealed-carry policies in the workplace.

Turns out, about 25 percent of propane retailers we surveyed have an official policy. Whether that’s for or against allowing employees to carry during work hours, for or against allowing weapons on company property, these retail propane operations have a policy in place for their employees and/or customers. The article helped answer the questions: Why did some retailers choose to implement a policy? If they don’t have a policy, would they consider one? We’d love for you to take a few minutes and read the article. Let us know what you think, and let us know what other key business topics we can explore in our pages.

This August issue was a team effort. LP Gas Managing Editor Kevin Yanik organized the photo shoot and also modeled the guns on his waist and ankles; photographer Martin Eisert made these pictures shine; and our design team, led by Kim Traum, put all of the pieces together. I also can’t forget Ryan Bockmuller, business development manager for North Coast Media, who allowed us to use his guns for the photo shoot. Bockmuller helped those of us less knowledgeable about the weapons to strap them correctly to our waists and ankles. It’s also worth noting that he stressed safety throughout the entire process.

This August issue preparation really was a memorable experience. I wonder what 2016 will bring.