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barwacz_allison2Allison Barwacz specializes in digital media and is aware of the constant change in the industry. She makes it her goal to create relevant and appealing content suitable for audiences. She wrote a blog post on the topic from the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) National Conference earlier this month in St. Petersburg, Florida., the organization’s national website, shared Barwacz’s blog post about her expertise pertaining to audience engagement on June 5, 2017, featuring it prominently on the homepage. ASBPE, a professional association for writers, art directors and designers employed in the press has more than 1,700 members.

Barwacz attended the conference as one of the five ASBPE Young Leaders Scholarship winners.

“Allison went above and beyond our expectations by shooting photos and taking notes on her laptop during each session,” says Amy Fischbach, president of the ASBPE Foundation. “The entire national board was impressed with Allison, and we were honored to have her as one of our 2017 Young Leader Scholarship winners. We hope that she will continue to be active in ASBPE, and we think she has a bright future ahead of her.”

Barwacz fully intends to apply the knowledge she gained from the conference to her work at North Coast Media.

“I’m honored to be named an ASBPE 2017 Young Leader, and the conference was an excellent way to gain insights from and network with B2B professional. Ren LaForme’s keynote on audience engagement related directly to what my colleagues and I do on a daily basis, so it was great to bring back some of those insights to North Coast Media,” Barwacz says.

Read Barwacz’s blog post: “How to develop an audience engagement strategy that works” from, June 5, 2017