Propane and propane accessories.

LP Gas’ mission is to deliver timely and impactful content, both in print and digitally, that informs and connects propane industry businesses. From news, features and in-depth analysis of a trending topic in a changing industry to the sharing of best practices for business management, safe and legal operations, and marketing, LP Gas uses multiple media platforms to bring readers the information they need for knowledge and success.

Fast Facts

  • LP Gas has a total audited unique, unduplicated audience of 15,773.
  • LP Gas features an nine-member Editorial Advisory Board that offers its propane industry knowledge and expertise on issues impacting our readers.
  • Social media audiences turn to LP Gas — the only publication in this industry with active accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn — for the news they need.
  • LP Gas hosts the LP Gas Hall of Fame induction ceremony and LP Gas Growth Summit each year — two events that both celebrate the propane industry and unite industry members.


Get to know LP Gas

LP Gas Online Buyers Guide

The LP Gas Online Buyers Guide is a comprehensive reference tool readers rely on all year long. It includes the most up-to-date collection of propane-related products and services, and equipment manufacturer and distributor listings, in the industry. LP Gas is the only propane industry resource that offers both a print and online version of its Buyers Guide.

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Ninety-three percent of readers choose LP Gas when asked which sources they turn to for industry news.
ASBPE Azbees, Heartland Region, Silver Medalist, Online Feature Article (2016)
ASBPE Azbees, Heartland Region, Bronze Medalist, Print Original Research (2016)
Ohio Society of Professional Journalists, Second Place, Best Trade Pub in Ohio (2012)
Ohio Society of Professional Journalists, First Place, Best Trade Report (2012, 2011)
Ohio Society of Professional Journalists, First Place, General Story (2012, 2010)
APEX Awards, Overall Editorial Excellence (2011)
Tabbie Awards, Honorable Mention, Best Single Issue (2011)
Press Club of Cleveland, First Place, Feature (2011)
Tabbie Awards, Bronze Winner, Feature Article (2010)
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