How to become the ideal employee in your office

When you’re a newbie in the workplace, it’s important to make a name for yourself.

By Dana Shugrue, Digital Media Intern

Whether you’ve been an intern or a new office employee at some point in your life, I’m sure you know how crucial it is to break the “rookie” mold as soon as possible in your office environment. Although your label was likely the “new person” when you walked into your office building for the first time, you made sure it didn’t stick. Now, in today’s world, “newbies” are struggling to make good first impressions and often lack proficient social skills. If you’re a young person who has recently started a new job/internship and want to prove worth to your boss or simply share a lunch table with your fellow co-workers, use the tips below:

1. Hardly ever use your cell phone.

Trust me, I know how hard this can be. You’re dying to see what Joe Schmoe posted on Facebook, or how Kanye and Kim are getting along after having their second child. (Gag me.) Although your cellphone can be a useful tool, many people take advantage of smartphones nowadays, or use them way too often. I can almost guarantee that your boss does not “Keep up with the Kardashians,” so it’s probably best to use your cell phone only when absolutely necessary. 

2.  Be social.

Rather than eating in your cubicle during lunch hour, stroll over to the lunchroom and introduce yourself to the guy in the cubicle to your left who also happens to love the Cleveland Browns. You never know, by mentioning your shared an interest in a below-average football team, you may have found yourself a lifelong friend.

3. Maintain a good work ethic.

Whether you’re involved in a group project or completing an assignment, you should always pull your weight and complete every task to the best of your ability. I don’t know about you, but in my elementary school days, I completed numerous “group assignments” on my own. You never want to be the kid who doesn’t put forth any effort- unless you’re interested in unemployment.

4. Manage your time well.

Time management is a key factor in meeting deadlines and allowing yourself to have more “free time,” or time to do whatever you wish outside of the workplace. Luckily, many of us develop this skill in high school and college, but there are few people, I’m sure, who still procrastinate completing their assignments until the very last minute. Although binge-watching the latest season of “Grey’s Anatomy” as soon as it reaches Netflix may seem appealing, wouldn’t you rather watch Meredith’s endeavors if there wasn’t a huge assignment hanging over your head?


Although these tips may seem simple or “silly,” they will assist you in making a better first impression and increase your reliability. After all, if you want to keep this job for a reasonable amount of time, it’s best to start off on the right foot.

Dana Shugrue has a keen interest in journalism and hopes to pursue a career in professional writing once she graduates from John Carroll University.


Feature photo by Bethany Chambers

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