5 website mistakes to fix in the new year

By Diane Sofranec, Managing Editor

What is your New Year’s resolution? If it’s to have the best year ever, why not start by making your company’s website the best it can be? Your website gives the world a glimpse of your company; does it leave a good impression?ID-100300190

Take a long, hard look, and keep an eye open for mistakes. If you find any, be sure to correct them right away. Here are five common errors that may seem small, but could alter the perception the public has of your company.

1. Wrong copyright date.

On Jan. 1, be sure the copyright date on your website reflects the new year. Not only will the correct date protect you from visitors who think they can steal your content, it will give the impression that the information posted there is current and regularly updated.

2. Misspellings.

You probably have read the words on your homepage so many times you’ve practically memorized them. But that’s precisely why you may have overlooked a spelling error or two. Ask a trusted colleague to give it a once over. Be sure to pay particular attention to proper names and places, and correct whatever is wrong. An error-free website puts forth a professional appearance.

3. Outdated information.

Scan your website for such information as expired offers, reminders about events that have already taken place, and bios for staff that are no longer with the company. Pay particular attention to your “Contact Us” and “Events” pages, and watch out for phrases like “coming soon” or “register now.” Also, make sure your list of products and services is comprehensive, and add whatever is missing. Correct mistakes that give visitors the impression you never look at your own website.

4. Same old story.

If your “About Us” page has not been updated since your website went live, now is the time to make it current. If your company has since won an award, received good press, or relocated to a bigger office, add a sentence or two that shows how it is evolving and growing.

5. Nothing new.

When your homepage looks the same every day of the year, visitors may mistakenly believe your company is stuck in a rut. Start off the new year by showcasing something different. This time of year, many companies are reflecting on how their industry is changing and whether they are meeting their customers’ needs, so put this information to good use. A simple change now may give your business a boost.

Resolve to make your company’s website the best it can be. It’s a sure way to get the year off to a great start.